Ashley St. John

Actor, Dancer, Singer


     Ashley shares an extraordinary passion for performing. She began her training at Jacqueline’s School of Dance, at the age of five, studying all types of dancing. It was here where Ashley discovered her true passion and love for dance and the stage. Ashley started studying vocal lessons and private tumbling shortly thereafter, knowing that these talents would advance her career someday. Growing up, Ashley took advantage of performing in her Elementary School Musicals and attended the National Music Camp of Canada. She continued her studies at O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute Performing Arts School combining her acting, singing and dancing abilities to become a Triple Threat Performer. She went on to achieve her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Dance at Ryerson University with Honours, making her a diverse and versatile performer.

     With over twenty years of training, Ashley has received special recognition for her stage presence, technique and emotional execution; receiving the Theatre and Dance Program Award presented by Nadia Potts.  

     Ashley began professional work at sixteen at Canada's Wonderland. She has had the privilege of working as a performer throughout Canada and on international waters, such as: Mirvish (Sillabub in Toronto’s Dora nominated production of Cats the Musical at The Panasonic Theatre), The Charlottetown Festival – where she was awarded the 2019 Don Harron Scholarship at the Maud Whitmore Scholarship Variety Concert, Drayton Entertainment, Stage West Calgary, Neptune Theatre, The Canadian Opera Company, Celebrity Cruise Entertainment, Les Production Haut-Vol, Contessa Awards, and the Parapan Games. As well Ashley played the role of Arial in The Thirst for Love and Water during the Panamanian Festival (Dora nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble). She has had the pleasure to attend Springboard Danse Montreal and work alongside Proartedanza, Gadfly, Hanna Siel, and Aszure Barton & Artists. Ashley is also a member of ACTRA and can be seen as a Chorus Performer in Apple Tv+'s new series Schmigadoon coming soon. 

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Height: 5”4                 Weight: 120lbs                    Hair Color: Blonde                   Eyes Color: Blue          


Anne of Green Gables


Mamma Mia

West Side Story

Anne of Green Gables

Beauty and the Beast

Young Frankenstein

La Traviata


Thirst for Love and Water

Touch of Pyscho


Gertie Pye


Swing (16/30 shows)


Tillie Boulter

The Carpet/Ensemble



Sillabub/ u.s Victoria & Rumpleteaser




Charlottetown/ Adam Brazier

Charlottetown/ M. F. Moore

Charlottetown/ Adam Brazier

Drayton/ Max Reimer

Charlottetown/ Adam Brazier

Neptune/ George Pothitos

Stage West Calgary/ J S Elliot

COC/ Austin McCormick

Panasonic Theatre/ Dave Campbell

Cinetic Creations/ Sharon Moore & Derek Aasland

Toronto Fringe Festival/ E. Colalillo

Ontario Science Centre/ David Gershon

Live Performance

Celebrity Cruises

Tinker's Toy Factory

Triple Bill Tour

Parapan Opening Ceremonies



Contessa Awards

British Invasion

Mais Oui

Valkyria (Nadia Potts: Lifetime Achievement Award)


Brand New Day

Into the Underworld

Start Me Up

Beyond the Grave

Psycho Circus


Signed Sealed Delivered

Dead Awakening

Specialty Dancer

Bows/ Dance Caption


Featured Dancer


Aerialist/ Featured Dancer

Featured Dancer





Featured Dancer








Celebrity Entertainment/ Lamar Smith

Les Production Haut-Vol/ Julie Perron

Proartedanza/ Roberto Campanella, Robert Glumbek, Guillaume Coté

B5C/ Melissa Williams 

Gadfly/ Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho

Les Production Haut-Vol/ Julie Perron

Contessa Talent/ Dave Campbell, Addy Chen, Linda Garneau

Canada’s Wonderland/ Suzie Brown                          

Springboard Danse Montreal/ Azure Barton & Artists

Dance Ontario Weekend/ Alysa Pires

Gadfly/ Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho

David Foster Miracle Gala/ Clarence Ford

Les Production Haut-Vol/ Julie Perron

Canada’s Wonderland/ Suzie Brown                          

Canada’s Wonderland/ Suzie Brown                          

Canada’s Wonderland/ Suzie Brown                          

Canada’s Wonderland/ Suzie Brown                          

Canada’s Wonderland/ Suzie Brown                          

Canada’s Wonderland/ Suzie Brown                          


Stunt Promo

Schmigadoon - Season 1

In the Tall Grass



Stunt Performer

Chorus Performer

Grass Creature



Chimera X Projects/Hubert Boorder & Ilan Rosenberg

Apple Tv +/Barry Sonnenfeld

Copperheart Entertainment & Netflix/ Vincenzo Natali

Shaftesbury/ Moze Mossanen 

CBC/ Danny Davalos












Graduate - Ryerson University 2014 - Performance Dance/ Dean List Each Year


Graduate - O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute ~ Performing Arts School/ Honour Roll Recipient Each Year

                Musical Theatre, Dance Clubs, Senior Chamber Choir, Drama and Leadership

Judah Katz: The Acting Coach, Cindy L. Macaulay, Playhouse North Acting Studios:  Meisner Technique


Ballet/ Pointe, Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop 

Ryerson University, Jacqueline's School of Dance, Metro Movement

Nadia Potts, Karen Duplisea, Vicki St. Denys, Kenny Pearl, Roberto Campanella, Allen Kaeja,

Arsenio Andrade, Linda Garneau, Phil Nero, Stephen Findlay, Kim O’Neill, 


Louisa Burgess, Peggy Redmond, Janye Smiley, Gabi Epstein, Allen Cole, David Warrack 

Durham Music Centre, BPM Music 


Side Aerial, Front Aerial, Y-stand Aerial, Back Handsprings, Layout, Back Tuck, Balances, Walkovers, Handstand

Scarborough Gym Elites


Canadian Commando Krav Maga, Chimera X Projects by Ilan Rosenberg and Hubert Boorder


Intro to Mocap (2019)/The Mocap Vault

Springboard Danse Montreal/Aszure Barton & Artists

Winter Intensive (2011-2014) Kenny Pearl, David Earle, Alysa Pires


2019 Don Harron Scholarship 

2016 Dora Award Nominee 

*Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble*  

2014 Dora Award Nominee (Musical Theatre)

*Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble*  

Theatre and Dance Program Award 

Arts and Service Award/ Dance Award 

Service Award

Charlottetown Festival/ Maud Whitmore Concert. 

Cinetic Creations/ Sharon Moore & Derek Aasland

Panasonic Theatre/ Dave Campbell

Ryerson University/ Nadia Potts

O’Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute

St. Patrick Elementary School

Special Skills

Juggling, Trampoline, Yoga, Heels, Hoops (Basic), Silks (Basic), Aerialist, Gymnastics, Tumbling, Pole Dancing, Partnering, Hand to Hand (Adage), Athletic, Soccer, Volleyball, Running, Jump Rope, Swimming, Biking, Ice Skating, Scrapbooking, Editing, Acting, Dance, Vocal - Mezzo Soprano, Teaching, Choreography, Smart Serve, G License 

West Side Story, Drayton Entertainment,

West Side Story ~ Drayton Entertainment ~ Velma

Photography: Hilary Gauld Camilleri

Director: Max Reimer, Choreographer: Lisa Stevens, Music Director: Mark Camilleri, Set Designer: Samantha Burson, Costume Coordinator: Jessica Pembleton, Lighting Designer: Jason Hand.

Cats Sillabub (2).jpg

Cats ~ Mirvish (Panasonic Theatre) ~ Sillabub

Photo Credit to Racheal McCaig Photography

Director: Dave Campbell, Choreographer: Gino Berti, Music Director: Lona Davis, Set Designer: Tim Webb, Costume Design: Lisa Magill, Wig Design: Dawn Rivard, Makeup Design: Brad Cormier, Lighting Designer: Bradley A. Trenaman, Sound Design: Peter McBoyle


Beauty and The Beast~ Neptune Theatre ~ Carpet

Director: George Pothitos, Choreographer: Stephen Gray, Music Director: Paul De Gurse, Set Designer: Geofrey Dinwiddlie, Costume Coordinator: Helena Marriott, Lighting Designer: Leigh Ann Vardy, Sound Design: Adam Harendorf

Family Letter Delivery .jpg

The Thirst For Love and Water ~ Cinetic Creations ~ Arial

Photography: Leif Norman

Artistic Producers/Director/Choreography: Sharon B Moore & Derek Aasland, Production Designer: Gabriel Cropley, Aerial Choreographer: Sven Börje Johansson